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Did you know we have videos posted on Youtube? We have posted them here, but also check out our Youtube channel. PondBiz: Pondmax low voltage lights Pondbiz: Filter System Layout PondBiz: Hand feeding your fish with fish treats

Going Natural in Your Pond Part 3 - DE-CHLORINATOR ALTERNATIVE

DE-CHLORINATOR ALTERNATIVE One of our best sellers is the hose-end filter. It’s a natural and cost effective de-chlorinator alternative. It attaches at the end of your hose or at the spigot and removes chlorine and chloramines.It filters up to 5 microns and is made out of granular activated carbon.It’s effective up to 10,000 gallons or […]

Understanding UV Clarifiers & Sterilizers for Your Pond

Understanding what UV systems do and how to use them properly can be a little confusing. So we’ll go through what they are how to use them and the differences between sterilizers and clarifiers. What is a UV Clarifier? UV clarifiers (Ultraviolet clarifiers) use ultraviolet light to clarify your pond water; the light emitted by […]

Filtering the Pond with a Beautifying Plant Filter

From Oregon Aquatics, Inc. Adapted from natural wetland areas such as the Florida Everglades, plant filters have two primary functions: filtration and beauty. Plant filters provide a perfect background for the pond, showcasing plants while allowing more pond surface area to remain open. They also provide a natural looking transition from land to pond, and […]

New Pond Product - Pondmaster ClearGuard Pressurized Filter NO UV

We have introduced a new product this month from Pondmaster. The new ClearGuard pressurized pond filters by Pondmaster utilizes both mechanical and biological filtration to keep your pond as clear as possible year round. The largest of these filters can handle any pond up to 16,000 gallons and is very easily maintained with its multi-function […]