Now that pond season is coming into full swing, proper water care will make all the difference in keeping your pond in tip top shape. Adequate filtration is always at the heart of a healthy pond. The better the filtration, the better the pond. You shouldn’t have to rely on an extensive amount of water […]

PondBiz on YouTube

Did you know we have videos posted on Youtube? We have posted them here, but also check out our Youtube channel. PondBiz: Pondmax low voltage lights Pondbiz: Filter System Layout PondBiz: Hand feeding your fish with fish treats

Going Natural in Your Pond Part 1 - NATURAL ALGAE CONTROL

FOR NATURAL ALGAE CONTROL A. Barley products work great as an algae preventitive. The.The interesting story behind how barley was proven effective against algae was by accident; a load of barley got dropped into an algae infested waterway. Apparently, the compound in barley inhibits the growth of algae. Liquid Barley extract by Microbelift is the […]

Filtering the Pond with a Beautifying Plant Filter

From Oregon Aquatics, Inc. Adapted from natural wetland areas such as the Florida Everglades, plant filters have two primary functions: filtration and beauty. Plant filters provide a perfect background for the pond, showcasing plants while allowing more pond surface area to remain open. They also provide a natural looking transition from land to pond, and […]

YES To Aeration!

Aeration is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of having a healthy Koi pond. Maintaining healthy levels of oxygen create a well balanced ecosystem that in turn promotes fish and plant health. Aeration increases the amount of dissolved oxygen which bolsters the amount of aerobic bacteria in your pond which in turn […]