Now that pond season is coming into full swing, proper water care will make all the difference in keeping your pond in tip top shape. Adequate filtration is always at the heart of a healthy pond. The better the filtration, the better the pond. You shouldn’t have to rely on an extensive amount of water […]

The 411 on a Crystal Clear Pond: Curing and Preventing Algae

As we head into pond season keeping your pond clean is the #1 priority. No one wants to be battling water clarity issues when you should be kicking back and enjoying your pond. If you haven’t done your spring cleanout do it now SPRING INTO ACTION. I had a customer that had an ongoing algae […]

Potting Pond Plants How To

Pondbiz.com E-Blast – May 18th 2015 LET’S TALK POT!!! Use coupon code pot10 and receive 10% off your entire order (excluding free shipping items) Sale ends May 25th 2015. If you’re spending this memorial day weekend puttering in your pond, lets do some re-potting and revamping of your pond plants. If things are looking shabby, […]

Pond Biz Email Blast - Earth Day - LET"S GO AU NATUREL FOR EARTH DAY!

In celebration of Earth Day let’s look at some natural alternatives for some common pond problems.It all starts with balance. When a pond is in balance it virtually takes care of itself. Finding the source of an imbalance can save time and $$$! Let’s go through some key points to help you identify if you’re […]

Pondbiz.com E-Blast - April 2015 | The Big Clean Out

We wish you all a beautiful Spring! As always, Call us if you have any questions or concerns 818-348-2220. Spring Tips Many of you already know how to do a Spring Cleanout. But if you are new to ponding, or want to brush up on some points, we will go over everything that needs to […]