Collaborative Water Project with Customer

A couple of weeks ago we got an email from a very happy customer, a customer that knows a lot about water features! He came to us needing help solving a unique plumbing issue with his first fountain project. We tried some things until we found the one that helped him achieve the very result […]

Pinterest Love

By now you must have figured out we are in love with Pinterest. Everyday in the store we are surrounding by people with incredible ideas for ponds. And on Pinterest we get to see the finished product. How lucky are we. And we wanted to share some images from Pinterest that make us excited. We […]

Pond Lighting

Hey everybody! Today I’m here to talk about why pond lighting is so amazing to have and how it greatly enhances the already rewarding experience of owning any kind of water feature. Lighting your pond or water feature adds a type of flair a real kind of “Wow!” factor, and the difference between a water […]

Building Your Waterfall

Waterfalls add visual interest and soothing sounds to your water feature and building one into your pond or water feature has many benefits, such as increased aeration. When the water falls through the air and collides with the pond its forcing oxygen downwards into the water. Having a pond with high oxygen content helps control […]