Algae control part 2


Read Algae Control Part 1.

For long term algae control, prevention is always the best policy. Barley
straw products and phosphate removers do a good job when used
regularly. Barley Straw by Microbelift or barley bales work well. Excess
phosphates lead to algae bloom. They occur primarily from decaying vegetation
and debris,but can also be found in tap water. Phos-X by Laguna or pond
Phosphate Remover by Microbelift will effectively reduce phosphate levels.
Algae control systems are the best means of prevention and save you money
in the long run.
For green water algae, UV Sterilizers/Clarifiers treat water effectively
by exposing it to high ultra-violet light and consequently changing the
cells nuclear structure or DNA. The cells then die off and pond water
becomes clear. Be sure to change your bulb yearly, even if it’s on, or it
won’t be effective.
For string algae, the new generation 2 Iongen by Aquascape eliminates
string algae in ponds up to 25000 (more units can be used for larger ponds).
It works by releasing a calculated mixture of copper, silver, and zinc ions
into the path of flowing water. These metals inhibit algae growth yet are
safe for fish and plants. The metal probe dissolves over time and will need
to be replaced periodically.

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  1. The two types of pond treatments that are normally used in an Ecosystem Pond are beneficial bacteria and a treatment to control string algae.

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