Algae Control Part 1

Algae is usually the #1 problem for pond owners. But when treated accurately, algae can be controlled. Firstly, the most important thing to know is which type of algae you have in order to choose the right product. Basically there are 2 categories of algae: If you have green water algae, that is, if you scoop up some water in a glass and its’ color is green instead of clear like water should be, then you have green water algae. On the other hand, if you have stringy or furry algae, anything you can pick up or touch, is considered string algae. Black or brown algae is usually dead algae or another form of string.

Algaecides offer are an immediate solution to both types of algae (we will talk about long term algae control in part 2). But be careful, all algaecides, if overdosed, can result in fish death. Know your gallons! On our site at the bottom of the home page is a pond calculator. Use it. Or do it yourself  L x W x D x 7.5 = gallons.

Our recommendations for green water algae are Algaeway 5.4 by Microbelift or Microbial algae clean by Pondcare.

For string algae, Green Clean by Biosafe has proven to be the most effective we have seen. It works best on direct contact and comes in powder, liquid and tablets. The liquid is great for hard to reach areas like waterfalls, just put it in a spray bottle. The tablets are better for maintenance use, otherwise, the powder is best for all purpose use. Of course, you can always use your hands, just pull the stuff off, inexpensive too.

For both string and green water algae, Algaefix by Pondcare, D-Solve 9 by Crystal Clear and Algae Control by Tetra all do double duty.

Now, once you have used an algaecide you are not quite done yet. Check pumps and filters for dead algae to avoid clogs. Try to get the dead algae out by either netting it out or by putting in a beneficial bacteria to help digest it out. Microbelift PL or Acurel are both great. Now you’re done.

Happy Ponding!

The Pondbiz Family

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  1. The algae in my pond has turned the water brown.
    What product should I use to clear up the water?
    My plants are just starting to grow.
    I do have a large filter system.

  2. Denys have you tried Greenclean? We sell it in the store and online.

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