Algae season is approaching, if it’s not already here for some of you. Let’s get clear (pun intended) on the best ways to deal with this pesky green ghoul.

First off, and most importantly, if your pond is full of gunk and decaying debris, no amount of algaecide is going to work. Putting any algaecide in a dirty pond is just throwing your money away. See Our Spring Blog Post on how to do a pond clean-out.


Algae’s natural enemies are AQUATIC PLANTS, BENEFICIAL BACTERIA, AERATION, BARLEY PRODUCTS, and POND TINTS. Aquatic plants create shade, especially the quick covering kind like HYACINTH and WATER LETTUCE. They also add oxygen to the pond through photosynthesis. Beneficial bacteria eats up the gunk that algae thrives on. Good aeration is not only essential, but starves out algae as well. Any stagnant areas are a breeding ground for algae. Even just adding a DECORATIVE SPITTER can help. Barley products contain a natural enzyme that inhibits algae growth, and are very cost effective compared to algaecides. Pond tints are like sunscreens, in that they filter out the suns rays. They come in blue or black, and add drama to a water feature or pond. Word of caution: start with 1/4 of recommended dose, and then increase to desired effect. Pond tints do not evaporate, so if you don’t like it, doing a water change is the only way to diminish the effect.


For string algae; you can just pull it out with your hands, (least expensive option!) or use one of these nifty tools by Nycon, THE STRING ALGAE TWISTER, THE ALGAE KIT, or THE ALGAE BRUSH. For a high tech fix, use the IONGEN SYSTEM G2 by Aquascape. It’s the best unit we’ve seen for string algae; treats ponds up to 25,000 gallons, and is extremely cost effective if your using chemical algaecides regularly.

For green water algae; UV FILTERS/CLARIFIERS are fantastic. They work by changing the DNA structure of the algae that inhibits its growth. If you’re lucky enough to already have one in your filter, just be sure to change the bulb once a year. REPLACEMENT PARTS.


For string algae; GREEN CLEAN (POWDER), GREEN CLEAN FX (LIQUID) and GREEN CLEAN TABLETS are your best choice. ALGAEFIX, TETRA ALGAE CONTROL, and ALGAE-DSOLVE are other good choices. A cautionary note: any algaecide, if used over the recommended dosage, will harm or kill aquatic life, so be sure you know how many gallons your pond or water feature holds. Aquatic plants can be stunted or die if overused as well. See our POND CALCULATOR to determine gallons. If you have an algaecide that works well for you, stick with it! Only try something new when things aren’t working. SEE ALL ALGAE CONTROL.

For green water algae; MICROBELIFT ALGAWAY 5.4, AQUASCAPES ALGAECIDE, and MICROBIAL ALGAE CLEAN, all do a good job of decreasing green water algae. Pond Tip: do a 20-30% water change prior to using, especially if you have a severe case, and add a DE-CHLORINATOR accordingly. See all ALGAECIDES. Side note: Please always have a dechlorinator and HOSE-END FILTER on hand. Recently, my boyfriend forgot to shut off the water at his mother’s house overnight. When he rushed over there, he immediately put in a dechlorinator, and fortunately, the fish were fine. They also survived because the hose-end filter (which he always uses to top off her pond, and boy, did he top it off!) eliminated most of it. ALWAYS set a timer when filling your pond. Good intentions are no match for a distracting world (especially if you have kids!) Moral of the story: Avoid the doghouse, and be prepared!

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