Pondbiz is a family run business that has evolved from many years of pond design and maintenance. The pond supplies pond treatment and pond maintenance and equipment that we offer, have been selected because of their design, pricing, and warranties. Our pond pumps , pond filters, pond deicers and heaters pond liners are the best on the market today. You can count on that.

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  1. Hello I have recently purchased my first house and it came with a nice koi pond with waterfall. I am definitely a rookie pond and koi enthusiast, but I do enjoy my pond and my fish. My pond has a submerged pump inside of a Savio skimmer. The pump and the skimmer has worked fine for the last two months until today. Suddenly the skimmer or the flow of water into the skimmer will not keep the pump satisfied. My pump keeps pulling my skimmer dry. the water level in my pond does look low and I am wondering if this could be a factor. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thamks

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