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Barley Products

Barley Products for Ponds

Barley is an all natural way to help keep algae from becoming a problem in your pond. Use Barley Extract, Barley Pellets or Barley Straw as a preventative. Barley straw naturally adds beneficial enzymes, lowers the pH and creates peroxide which can kill both filamentous and planktonic algae. Once you have an algae outbreak, however, an algaecide is faster acting and thus recommended. See  Algae Control. Barley pellets and straw are better to use in the Fall or early Spring since they need time to break down and become effective. Barley Extract is the fastest acting, and ideal to use in the Spring/Summer in conjunction with a Beneficial Bacteria product. Barley was discovered to have anti- algae properties when a truck load of it accidently fell into an algae plagued river. When the river miraculously cleared up, the pond industry conducted extensive research into the compounds found in barley, and concluded that they were highly effective in combating algae outbreaks.

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