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Bacterial Products

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Why should I be using a beneficial bacteria?

Beneficial bacteria breaks down organic matter that leads to algae problems. Especially in the summer months, bacteria IS your best friend. Besides using Beneficial Bacteria to jump start your pond after the winter or for new pond installations, using it regularly is one of the best things you can do: Beneficial Bacteria 'eats up' accumulated debris and fish waste helping your filtration system work optimally. Regular dosing of Beneficial Bacteria stabilizes nutrient levels: Especially after a heavy rain, leaf drop, or the addition of algaecides and medications, all of which diminish Beneficial Bacteria. Without sufficient good bacteria, your Pond is prone to poor water quality and fish diseases. Pondbiz has always been a big fan of Bacteria products because they prevent and compensate for a wide range of pond troubles. If you're looking for additional water clarifiers that work well with Beneficial Bacteria products click here Pond Clarifiers, and/or Barley Products.

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