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Aqua Ultima II Filters

Aqua Ultima II Pond Filters | Aqua Ultima II 2000 Filter | Aqua Ultima II 4000 Filter

Aqua Ultraviolet  brings you the Aqua Ultima II, the next generation of filters and the best tool for Koi ponds. If you're looking for the ultimate in pressurized pond filtration, look no further than the Aqua Ultima II. They are especially perfect for ponds with high flow rates or heavy fish loads. Built to last, these filters outperform the competition. These pressurized filters were specifically engineered to meet the environmental demands of ponds with an innovative lightweight tubular Bio-Media that has a low head loss yet a very high biofilm surface that protects beneficial bacteria while dislodging unwanted debris. The Aqua Ultima II has the best backflush mechanism that we have seen on the market, making it the easiest pressurized filter to clean. Aqua Ultraviolet offers excellent technical support, and is a brand you can trust. Aqua Ultima II filters are a little more expensive than other brands, but well worth it in the long run. The best compatible pumps to go with the Aqua Ultima II filters are the PerformancePro Artiesian2 or the Sequence Pumps.  We also carry a full selection of Aqua Ultima filter replacement parts.

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