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API Pond AlgaeFix Algae Control Solution

PondCare AlgaeFix

API Pond AlgaeFix Algae Control Solution

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Brand: API


Pond Algae Control

AlgaeFix by Pond Care (now API) is an EPA registered herbicidal control for green water algae blooms, blanketweed, string algae, and hair algae. Can be used to rid or prevent algae. Safe for fish and plants when used according to the manufacturers recommendations. (but not snails).

Treats 300 gallons per ounce.
16oz treats up to 4800 gallons
64oz treats up to 19,000 gallons
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AlageFix is not approved for sale in Canada.

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This is a fast acting algae killer. You should see results in less than a week. Be sure to net out the dead and decaying algae from your pond. With all algaecides, if you have fish be sure to keep your pump running during treatment.


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