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Algae Removal Kit - 3 interchangeable heads & telescopic handle

Algae Removal Tools | Nycon Pond Supplies

Algae Removal Kit - 3 interchangeable heads & telescopic handle

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Brand: Nycon


Algae Removal Kit

Complete kit that contains three interchangeable heads. Includes Twister Head, Algae Brush Head, Algae Skimmer rake, handle hanger and a telescopic handle.

Algae Twister (can be ordered separately)
A great new tool for removal of difficult to remove string algae or blanketweed in your pond. Adjustable handle extends from 24" to 40". Aluminum head measures 5" with saw-like serrated edges.

Algae Brush (can be ordered separately)
Another new idea from Nycon. A very stiff 5" cone brush to get into hard to reach places. Comes iwth Telescopic handle that extends from 28" to 46".


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