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Algae Control

Pond Algae Control | Pond Algaecides | How to get rid of Algae

There are basically 2 types of algae, and yes it does matter. There are different products that target certain types of algae. For example, if you purchase an algaecide for green water algae, but what you have is string algae, then it won't work. Deciphering the difference is easy: if you have stringy, hairy, or mossy algae, it's considered String Algae. Alternately, if you have water that is pea soup in color, then you have Green Water Algae. If you're not sure, scoop up some water in a clear glass, and if it has a green tint then you'll know for certain. Be sure to dose your pond with a Beneficial Bacteria product after you have treated with an Algaecide, since it will 'eat up' the dead algae, and restore diminished nutrient levels. Always know how many gallons of water you are treating to ensure safety and efficacy. Pond Calculator. 


GREEN CLEAN is still the most effective on the market, and it comes in powder, liquid and tablet form. The powder is best for in pond applications, whereas the liquid is suited for vertical applications such as hard to reach waterfalls. The tablets are best for regular maintenance and are used primarily by pond service companies. 

THE AQUASCAPE GENERATION 2 IONGEN is a great piece of equipment that eliminates the need for String Algae control. It works by releasing a calculated mixture of copper, silver, and zinc ions into the path of flowing water. With the automatic control panel, you can adjust the setting as needed. A must have unit if you suffer from constant String Algae problems.


MICROBELIFT ALGAWAY 5.4 is highly effective in treating Green Water algae. It's a best seller and 20% stronger than Algae Fix.

ALGAE D-SOLVE is the fastest acting, and is best for stubborn Green Water algae problems.

A UV STERILIZER/CLARIFIER is the best investment you can make to clear up Green Water algae, clarify the water, and prevent fish disease. An all around great product that does more than algae control! Maintenance is minimal with a recommended change of the bulb once a year.

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