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Pond Aeration | Pond Air Pumps | Pondbiz, Family owned & Operated

Aeration is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of having a healthy Koi pond. Maintaining healthy levels of oxygen create a well-balanced ecosystem that in turn promotes fish and plant health. Aeration increases the amount of dissolved oxygen which bolsters a number of aerobic bacteria in your pond which in turn feeds on the excess organic matter thus reducing the number of nutrients in the pond that algae feed off of. Soon the algae lose its nutrients and begin to die off. We've had many customers' here at Pondbiz that added an air pump to their pond and gleefully returned stating that their water issues cleared up. They are especially beneficial in stagnant areas of a pond, like at the opposite end of a waterfall. Most people think of air pumps for winter water care. But using them in the summer helps cut back on pond care maintenance products because of the increase in beneficial aerobic bacteria. It is also a great piece of equipment to have in case your pump goes out. Fish can stay alive as long as there is oxygen in the water. 

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