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If you're looking to build a pond of your own like one you see here, click here to find out all you need to know about getting started from Ken Becker, pond expert and owner of Pondbiz.

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Adam Hale
This is my first pond. I have been trying to find a scenic thought for the Petrified wood I have...
Adrian Romero
This is my first pond I'm still working on the landscapig. I have 4 goldfish, 9 large koi, 10 small...
al laurie
..In colorado...outdoor ponds are simply holding tanks for raccoon snacks...I have been designing Interior Ponds for five years now...I try...
Al Lesperance
First attempt at building a pond. It was fun. Doing another one, bigger and better.
Al Samuels
Alan Roberts
This was our first pond. We have enjoyed the hobby of raising koi and building more ponds in my families...
My first fish pond in our yard.2 frogs, 7 koi, 10 shubunkins
Allan & Judy Nicholas
This pond was designed as a centerpiece for a large concrete circular drive and is roughly 22 feet in diameter,...
Mostly native plants, little by little.
Amanda Bailes
My Husband an myself and our two daughters did this as a place for us to relax and just spend...
Andre' Manily Sr
My wife and I did this pond ourselves and plan to expand this pond to another pond of the same...
Angel McNease
The pleasure I get out of my pond is worth every amount of muscle and dollar I have put into...
Annalee Ryen
Koi pond with water fall located in Redlands, California, treated regurally with PondBiz products. Water is always crystal clear and...
This beautiful pond is located in Montecito, California.
This is my first pond. The pump is a 10,000gal/per min. It is located in the shed, but gets feed...
My very first pond
April Hook
We had so much fun building this little water garden in front of our home. It's lit up at night...
Armando Signorelli
This is our 2nd ponds first spring, fish survived the winter, everything looks good! Hurray! I installed this pond last...
Armando Signorelli
This is our 1st pond my wife and I built about 6yrs ago. It's heart shaped with a waterfall located...
Art Herring
I built this pond about 5 years ago.I try to add something every year to enhance it. I've had up...
Backyard happiness
This is the 5000 gallon pond we made this year. It replaces the 1200 gallon pond we had before....
Right now we are making our pond & waterfall bigger, 20 x 30 - 3 ft deep we are very...
Barry Horton
Becky Cody
Shade garden pool - fiberglass construction. Installed 27 years ago.
Becky Moser
My first summer with my pond. Loved everything about it. The Frogs..my Koi and water plants. Everyone should have a...
beth heim
This is our 2nd pond. We have about 24 koi, 4-5 years old. They all grew at least 4 inches...
Beth Heim
This was our 1st pond that we re-did to make it more contemporary and fit in w/the mediterranean style of...
Bill Ramey
Bill Rock
Koi pond off of my back porch and sunroom
Bob and Linda Hatton
The Pond is cement, and added River Rock to give it the natural spring look.
Bob Sinning
I designed this pond 3yrs ago. It took about 1 wk to dig because of the different levels. Every...
bobby sharp
My pond is a solar pond .
Bonnie Hayward
We've all heard the old saying "You can't take it with you..." But, when it comes to ponds, THIS...
Boonmar Karvonen
Brad Griffin
This took us approx 2 months to get to this stage! We love it. Now have 5 fish total and...
Brad Olin
Dual pump (4500gph & 3000gph) in forground, dual waterfall (1 per pump) with Veg scrubbers at right. Raised viewing...
Brenda  mays
This pond was dug by myself and my son-in-law. It took us 3 weeks and that was 3 years ago....
Brenda Christian
We worked on this 2 weekends and we love it.
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