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Pumps & Filters

Pumps & Filters

Pond Pumps and Pond Filters

There are so many different pumps for different applications and so many manufacturers that choosing the right pump for you can be one of the biggest challenges in the entire pond installation. Knowing the right pond pump to use can save you hours of headache and hundreds of dollars; you need a pump that is energy efficient, quiet, versatile, cost effective and above all reliable. Whether you are looking for a pond pump brand; Pondmaster Pond Pumps, Aquascape Pond Pumps, Cal Pump or one by type; Solids Handling Pond Pumps, External Self Priming Pumps. We will walk you through the process of selecting which pump or filter will work for you.

Feel free to call us and discuss the differences in these pond pumps and how to choose the right one for your pond at (877)-766-3249.  We carry the following brands:

  • Alpine Pond Pumps - This line of pumps features a ceramic impeller shaft which adds to the pumps longevity. These pumps also have a vortex impeller with a large pre-filter that can be dissembled easily without tools which makes maintenance even easier on the pond owner.
  • Solids Handling Pond Pumps - By Solids handling pumps we mean one that will handle debris without clogging the pump. In this group of hard working pumps we have included the Tetra DHP Debris Handling Pumps, Savio© Solids Handling Pump, Tidal Wave Solids Handling Pump, Leader Solids Handling Triangular Pump and the Dirty Water Pump BVP-M.
  • PondMaster Pond Pumps - They have been fulfilling the needs of professionals and hobbyists for over 75 years with efficient, quiet, and reliable 24/7 performance.
  • Atlantic Watergardens Pond Pumps - This line of pumps also include a rotating volute which provides maximum adaptability for any installation, the removable pre-filter provides increased surface area which reduces required maintenance.
  • Matala Pond Pumps - Matala pumps are highly effective and a great fit for ponds of all sizes. Matala pumps can handle even large ponds and dense solids.
  • Tetra Pond Pumps - The newest pump by Tetra, the (DHP) Debris Handling Pump can pass 1/4" debris without clogging the pump. The large enclosed basket minimizes blockage and minimizes maintenance.
  • Beckett Pond Pumps - Beckett carries submersible pond pumps, waterfall pumps and fountain pumps. Beckett pumps are efficient and reliable.
  • Laguna Pond Pumps - Laguna Max-Flo Pumps combine High Performance with SOLIDS HANDLING.
  • Lifegard Aquatics Pumps - NEW from Pentair, the Lifegard Magnetic drive, super quiet pump for wet applications.
  • Pond Boss Pumps - Combination pump and UV light. If you like simple solutions this combo pump and UV light solves the problem of hoses and matching the pump to the UV light.
  • Sequence Pond Pumps - Sequence pumps are extremely durable pumps that combine high efficiency, enclosed impellers and dry-run resistant seals with the latest in motor technology.
  • Leader Pond Pumps - Leader Submersible pumps have set a new standard in pump technology with environmentally friendly oil-less motors, capacitor start for instant torque and DOUBLE BALL BEARINGS for high efficiency and quiet operation.
  • Sunami Pond Pumps - This amazing 1/3 hp pump by the makers of Aqua UV and Ultima II filters brings high volume water flows with super energy efficiency.
  • Aquascape Pumps - Aquascape pumps are great for ponds that need a high flow rate and efficiency.
  • External Self Priming Pond Pumps - These extremely durable pumps combine high efficiency, enclosed impellers and run-dry resistant seals with the latest in motor technology to provide many years of trouble free, low-cost service.
  • CalPump Pond Pumps - Calpump’s commitment to quality and efficiency means that Calpump pond pumps are built to last.
  • FishMate Pond Pumps - Fish Mate pumps are high in performance with low wattage.
  • Little Giant Pumps - Little Giant pumps are designed to provide a maximum water flow with minimal electrical consumption.
  • Savio Pond Pumps - Savio© pumps offer reliable high head pressure performance. They utilize a wear-resistant ceramic coated shaft, heavy-duty sealed bearings and feature three redundant lip seals for increased life span and dependability.
  • Solar Pond Products - Solar pond fountains and products are easy to set up and maintain. In addition to our solar fountains check out our solar mole chaser and solar oxygenator.
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