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Choosing a pond pump can be tricky. Read our article on building a pond if you need further help selecting a pond pump. Otherwise, keep on reading for a basic overview, and clarification on terms used by the pond industry.

Most pond pumps are used submerged. However, the term ' in-line' means a pump can be used submerged OR plumbed externally.

Pumps that are referred to as External Pumps, can ONLY be used externally. The two most important things to look for on a pump are the GPH (gallons per hour) and 'Head Height' (the maximum height a pump can pump).

For ponds, the entire amount of water should be recirculated every hour, for example: if your pond is 1000 gallons, a 1000GPH pump would be the minimum size required. 

If there is a waterfall, the Head Height (also referred to as 'Lift') has to be taken into the calculation, because any amount of 'Lift' diminishes flow rates or GPH. 

Here's where it gets tricky: every pond pump manufacturer has different ratios of GPH to Head Height. In short, not all 1000GPH pumps will have the same maximum Head Height, so be sure to check the manufacturer's specifications.

Lastly, if a pump is being used in conjunction with a Pressurized Filter, UV Filter, or Submersible Filter, it has to match the recommendations specified on the filter. A pump that is too strong for a filter can literally blow it up. Conversely, a pump that is not strong enough will restrict filter performance, and on pressurized filters, cause the backwash mechanism to malfunction.

If you have any questions, call us (877)-766-3249. We have years of experience to help you choose the right equipment.

Spring is the time to check your filter and pump.
Clean or replace any filter material. We carry replacement media for most pond filters, large and small.
If you have a UV filter, lamp efficiency declines with age and use. We suggest you replace it annually each spring, before it goes out. Just because the UV light is on, it does not mean you are getting the full benefit of it.

We carry, parts and UV Bulbs for most of the name brand UV filters. If you are thinking about a UV filter, the Pondmaster UV can be used both submerged and out of pond. They are easy to install, come in 10w , 20w, and 40w, and you will see a dramatic difference in your water clarity.

Check your electrical cords and plugs to be sure there are no signs of wear or fraying. Electrical cords are a favorite for rats, gophers and moles.

Test your GFI to make sure it works. If your pump has a pre-filter, clean or replace it. Many pumps have easy access to the impeller. If you did not clean the impeller in fall, be sure that you do so now. Small lodged pieces of algae or small stones can cause serious damage to a pump.