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Hakko Air Pump for Ponds
Hakko Air Pump for Ponds
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Hakko Air Pump

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Pond Aeration

Hakko Air Pumps are sleek in design. It is a relatively small unit with surprisingly high output. The Hakko air pumps are built to last with a very durable body and mechanics meaning years and years of everlasting quality airflow. Hakko air pumps utilize linear- motor theorem to reduce power consumption during full operation. Units are extremely quiet utilizing spectrum analysis technology in order to decrease any mechanical noise. No oil needed for lubrication making the Hakko easy to maintain.

Adding an air pump to your pond system will help increase levels of healthy bacteria, lower algae levels, and help create and maintain a healthy eco-system. Air pumps are recommended for all pond sizes.
UL and CE listed for outdoor use. 2 year warranty.

Available in six sizes;
Hakko25 - 21 liters per minute, 17w, 3.7 psi (32dB) For ponds of 1000-2500 gallons

Hakko40 - 51 liters per minute, 40w, 5.5 psi (35dB) For ponds of 2000-4000 gallons

Hakko60 - 68 liters per minute, 63w 6.7 psi (38dB) For ponds of 3000-6000 gallons

Hakko80 - 86 liters per minute, 85w, 7.8 psi (38 dB) For ponds of 4000-8000 gallons

Hakko100 - 105 liters per minute,116w, 6.5 psi (40dB) For ponds of 5000-10000 gallons

Hakko120 - 121 liters per minute,126w, 7.8 psi (42dB For ponds of 6000-12000

Use a minimum of 10 Liters per minute for every 1,000 gallons of water.

Hakko Instruction Manual

Long Life Expectancy
Silent Operation
High Efficiency
Simple Maintenance
Completely Oil-Free
Overload Protection
18 month Warrantee
Noise level 32-43 dB @ 1 meter
Low Power Consumption
Motor & pump parts built in one case
Guarantees a dry and pure air flow
Auto switch off/on if temp 120 F

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