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If you're looking to build a pond of your own like one you see here, click here to find out all you need to know about getting started from Ken Becker, pond expert and owner of Pondbiz.

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Brenda  mays
This pond was dug by myself and my son-in-law. It took us 3 weeks and that was 3 years ago....
Brenda Christian
We worked on this 2 weekends and we love it.
Brenda Simpson
I come here to unwind after work as it is very peaceful. I recommend everyone to have a pond. Thanks,...
Brent Whitney
Here is our second pond. We expanded this pond from a little 6 X 8 foot pond from last...
Brent Whitney
Here is an updated picture of our pond complete with landscaping and pond plants. We now have 14 fish...
My family and friends helped dig and haul rocks to make a wonderful backyard retreat. Everything is thriving, fish and...
This is pond #3 we are getting ready to build a new one
Our frist pond on top of the ground had to get it out of the ground as snakes were to...
Bryan Pearson
First day with water in it, fish and water lillies will be added later.
Butch Smith
I built this pond in April of this year. Had a problem with string alge, but it has finally...
C.W. and Tracey Reed
This pond is now over two months old. We counted 17 frogs around and in it. We bought two fantail...
This is the first pond I've ever built. To be fair I've gained a vast amount of knowledge about fish...
My first attempt at a large pond. This one is 8' x 3 x 3' with a 55 gal filter.
This was our first pond.We put it in on mothers day of 2005.It took us two day to finsh.
Our family built this pond in memory of our dear daughter Janeen who passed away just 6 months before. It...
Carrie Emory
This is nymphea alba, and it smells sweet like honey.
The waterfall is the key to a great and natural looking pond, tried my best to get it as close...
Cathy Helgeson
We put this pond in last year. We dug the pond with my brothers bob cat and ordered everything we...
Chad & Donna Shepherd
My wife and I hauled in all of the rocks and materials for this pond and completed it in only...
Chad Bourgeois
This is my first pond but I'm already thinking of adding another and connecting with a creek bed. Still have...
Charlotte Deavers
Chris & Danielle
This is our first pond built last summer 2005. It is even better this year! We just love...
Chris & Nikki
This is our new 3 day old Pond. This was built with 3 different Rock sizes to make it...
Chris &Tammy
My wife and I enjoy our pond year round. Koi are getting bigger everyday. Hoping to enlarge it. I hope...
Chris Burkhardt
It is my therapy at the end each day!! And wouldn`t have it any other way !
Chris Klima
This pond was built all by hand. The rocks were gathered from a friends farm. Before it was...
Chris Wiker
A great place to relax. Later that season the cattails filled in.
Christopher Beall
My girlfriend and I built these two pond in three days. We both did not know what we where doing...
Christy Woodington
I've always wanted an outdoor fish pond and to be honest I've never done any studies on the project. I...
Chuck McCloughan
This is my first and only pond to date. I have 4 large gold fish that are 7 yrs old...
Chuck Schneidau
Set in a rock garden setting. I never thought we would ever get done. Now we are thinking on putting...
Our waterfall works!!!
Cindy & Joe
It was a lot of work, but we couldn't be more pleased!
Cindy Bakios
Here is a better picture of our pond! As you can get a closer view of the fish & waterfall!
Cindy Cole
We have just finished and started the waterfall.
Clement Chiew's Pond
This is a tropical asian koi pond, it's about 15 tons of water contained.
Clint Holt
Our 1st attempt at pond building Summer 2006.Took 1 month of very hard but enjoyable work to get this built.We...
Connie B.
I didn't have the patience or time to do myself, but I love the person I hired to do this!!...
Curt Peterson
Taken from the larger upper pond looking down one set of falls to the lower pond.
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