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If you're looking to build a pond of your own like one you see here, click here to find out all you need to know about getting started from Ken Becker, pond expert and owner of Pondbiz.

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Our best year ever with our pond. Many thanks to Pondbiz.com
Stephen & Sheila
This is our first attempt at building a Koi Pond. We now have 8 koi at the present time. Having...
Stephen Hoy
Five years of planning alowed me to think big, since I wasn't going to rebuild later. Our backyard now...
There is not really enough room to use a liner and no place to plant anything on the concrete. This...
Sue Bishop
Sussex Pond
Overall view of Sussex Stream feeding Sussex Pond with view of path and shoreline.
Sylvan chaitram
My first attempt of building a Koi pond.Every chance I get I am here. ...
Sylvan Chaitram
This is my updated Pond 9'x 40'Enjoy
Sylvan Chaitram
This is the updated pond. I use a bog filter plus two presure flow Laguna filters and a laguna bio...
Sylvan Chaitram
Please come and swim with us.......... are you kiddin?
Sylvan Chaitram
This is the new Pond built in 2010
T. Okamoto
As you can see, the water is not crystal clear. I have some Koi and a lot of gold...
Tara Smith
Love your site....new to ponds and Koi...you will be my supplier and mentor.
Tashina Nelson
Since visiting this site I plan to add to it this spring but for now I enjoy sitting next...
Ted Powers
We built our pond and waterfall in the fall of 2003. It provides a wonderful retreat from the fast paced...
Terry & Lana Poole
This is our garden pond from the top looking down.
Terry & Lana Poole
This is our garden pond looking at the waterfall. We really enjoy sitting by the pond and listening...
Terry Brown-Walker
Thai Bright
This pond took me 4 months to get it done.
The 2 J's
My friend and I built this pond after alot of trial and error (3 times to be exact). The...
The 2 J's
This is the other end of the 2 J's pond.
The Cullens
I built this pond for my wife and the kids. Turns out it ended up being the funnest hobby I...
the higgins pond
our pond is now 8 years old. my husband and i built it as soon as we moved into our...
Thom Jensen
Waterfall still in progress, local coral limestone from construction sites. Aldo surveys his realm.
Thomas Braun
This is our 1st pond. It took us about 3 weekends and a couple of evenings to complete. The sound...
Thomas Dalton
Thomas Gulliksen
Just got this going in the fall, it has 100 watt underwater lighting and will be going year round!
Thomas Westall
Large pond setting like in the Mountains, complete with 36' stream, two waterfalls and two springs. Two years in the...
Thu Nguyen
Tiffany Weaver
My birthday present from my family. A little bit of home (America) in Italy. We are still adding...
Tim & Kelli
This is our second pond.
Tim & Kelli
Started with a small pond 3x4x2. Enjoyed so much that I needed more.
Tim Fletcher
Started on building pond Oct 3rd '04. Pond is 20x25 and stream and waterfall extend out 35 ft. Can't wait...
Tonya Hackett
This is actually our second pond, first one was built in another area of yard, with too much shade and...
Tonya Hackett
This is our raised pond in our backyard. It has about 10 fish, shubunkins, comets, fantails and goldfish. ...
We put in gold fish and found out the blue jays come and have a nice breakfast. No fish...
Trevor Feagin
When I moved in there was nothing but weeds in this backyard. With a little help from you and a...
Tropical Backyard Pond
I put in this pond about 5 years ago. It's so relaxing to sit on the deck and...
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