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Pond Gallery

If you're looking to build a pond of your own like one you see here, click here to find out all you need to know about getting started from Ken Becker, pond expert and owner of Pondbiz.

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Our ponds
Our two ponds with island in middle
P Bedard
This is my backyard pond koi pond (I have 7 beautiful koi) which has an upper plant bog with a...
These are my happy fish going from a 200 gallon pond to their new 1300 gallon pond
Pam and Joe
Dug by hand with liner and then took off from there. We added plants around it and a few items...
Pam Dailey
This is the pond AFTER the plants got huge.
Learned alot about ponds after building this. Next pond will be bigger and better.Note the netting, Blue Heron had wiped...
Patricia Driscoll
After much frustration, I have finally succeeded. I have purchased only 10 Goldfish and now have 30. It is a...
Patricia Driscoll
Five perfect peach lilies makes having a pond a delightful experience.
Patricia Seminatore
This should be my last attempt. I've had several ponds, but all were ground level and got very dirty...
Patrick Mahony
No swimming allowed
Patrick Replogle
We bought a galvanized cattle tub at the local tractor supply company and encased it with rocks and mortered around...
Patrick Uhri
This was a few years ago. This is located in the desert. I have planted a weeping willow tree and...
This is my new hobby that keeps me busy all time.
This is my second effort at building a pond. I have already started my third project. Great fun.
Paul Utcai
This is my first attempt at building a water garden. It is a 55 gallon kidney shaped (preformed) pond that...
Built from scratch. Need to expand for 2 koi.
Peggy Keel
This is my second pond and I love it. Would try this again and enlarge it. It is my relaxation...
Peggy Sorenson
Phillip Polston
This is a work in progress began this summer by removing a smaller pond and going larger for our Koi.We...
Pieter van Westervelt
Polly Allums
Rand and Diana Schmidt
Built in 2005 for 3000.00 including filtration. 3900 Leader pump w/ a Tetra pressure filter, Laguna UV, Fish Mate...
4 10" Koi 6 6" Goldfish 2 Bullfrogs
I come home to my paradise that I created myself and it lets me forget the rest of the world....
And the fish were all tucked away in their beds under the ice for the winter....
ray fruscio
Rebecca Lane
A continuous project in the making
Rebecca Lane
1st pond, a great learning experience. Used to be an area filled with daylillies. Dug them all out...
I built my pond with concrete about five months ago. Every month I added new plants to the pond and...
I built this pond and waterfall.It is two years old and has 13 Koi, one that was born in the...
Richard A. Rainville
We started with the pond on the right and as the fish got bigger we built the one on the...
Richard Groux
The fish greet all visitors!
Richard Groux
What else can you do with a hill, put in a stream and falls.
Richard Spencer
Built in 2001
Rick & Linda
This took about 4 days to dig it up...This is the 3rd pond I've done...Koi are growing big in it.......
rick bonnemayers
Rick Bonnemayers
my space after a hard days work I consider this therapy
This is our first try, I think it turned out pretty good. We stay outside more now, just watching...
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