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If you're looking to build a pond of your own like one you see here, click here to find out all you need to know about getting started from Ken Becker, pond expert and owner of Pondbiz.

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My son and I did this pond on Memorial weekend 2005. It was some job carrying in all those...
Jimmy Stephenson
This is a four year old 2200 galon pond with plants in full growth. The Koi range from 2...
Pond is about 8 years old, with 12 koi and 3 channel cats. Skimmer connects to bio falls at one...
Joey Weiss
This is the first pond I created 2 years ago. I have 8 goldfish sizes from 3-5 inch long. I...
John & Barbara
We have 15 koi & 6 orandas. Right now we're working on expanding it to 20' x 30'.
John Haskell
First pond after many years of experimenting, repairing, and redoing.
John Kenny
I wanted a big one Right from the start.
1.5 tons of rock surround this pond. There are 8 fantail goldfish thriving in their new home.
Dogs like to play in ponds too.
8 month old covered pond, Northern California. 4x10 above ground sides dug hole and liner.
I built this for my girlfriend and her parents before I went off to college. I only had 4...
josh miller
joy garratt
After four years, I have learned so much! Water plants have overtaken so much space and consistent cleaning is...
Joyce Greer
The waterfall is the lastest addition(from the small bridge to falls) We have 8 Koi (oldest 6, youngest born last...
It took alot of planning and hard work but it's finally complete. Thanks to your site for all the helpful...
Juan Tapanes
This is a better picture of my pond
Juan Tapanes
This is a mini, above ground pond just off my deck and covers an ugly existing concrete pad where there...
Jude Rogers
This is our new small pond and waterfall we built in 04. It goes into a very large pond we...
Judi Grierson
This was one of my best ponds. Lots of hard work but worth it all in the end.
Judith Daley
We just built this pond. We had a 11x16 before this one and we doubled our size as I am...
Judy Cothern
This pond was a work of love with lots of friends and family helping. It took us several months...
Judy Geva
started building it this summer - 2004 all by myself - middle aged woman.
This started as a tiny preformed pond liner and of course everyone that starts small goes bigger and bigger right...
Karen & Don
Smedley loves to look at his fish when the lights come on at night. We have day pictures if you...
Karen & Greg
This is the beginning of our yard makeover.We will spend this year planting and fencing in our new pond. The...
Karen Swails
Our pond in it's third year.
Karen Swails
Our little pond in the winter. We have two large gold fish in there, they are about 3 years...
Kari Blocher
This is our first attempt. I love it, just wish we had more room for a bigger one. We still...
Kath n Brad
Kathryn Johnson
The pond is amazing. Just the right place to relax after a hard day at work.
I enjoy your website and especially love seeing everyone else's pond pics. We enjoy our pond so much! We had...
Katie and Rob Johnson
I built this pond for my wife... Its our first house and our first pond.
Katie Mabe
Our pond is 1 yr old & we have about 37 Koi, Goldfish & 3 Albino Catfish. It is about...
Keith Curtis
As you can see from the picture, this is 4 stages of the 2 ponds with stream conecting them. Top...
keith mcintosh
We gave it this name because we like our guest to come and enjoy us and our pond.
Kelly Yorke & Chris Kloepfer
This is our first pond that we just finished about 3 months ago. The 3 resident Koi are Zippy, Pippy,...
Kenneth Brown
My Wife and I built this pond in about 4 or 5 days. It is the 4th pond we...
Kerstin Evans
This is our pond, but it is not complete yet. We just built it this spring 2005. This...
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