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If you're looking to build a pond of your own like one you see here, click here to find out all you need to know about getting started from Ken Becker, pond expert and owner of Pondbiz.

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I like your webpage, very friendly.I found all necessary information here.Thank you and I will be back here to buy...
Guy  & Cindy Carlson
Side shot of my turtle pond home for 4 slider turtles so far. We have had the pond for about...
Hazel Jensen
This is a 5000 gal pond made of quick crete concrete. Bag by bag, it took 3 years to finish....
Heidi Meyers
My Itty Bitty pond! My first experience with water gardening. I'm hooked!!!
Helen Skinner
Love to enjoy the sunny days in the yard. Can't wait for the beautiful lilies to bloom! Thanks Pondbiz.
Hersel Wann
Fish were froze over most of the winter, but they are doing fine.
Love to see the many idea's & accomplishments. This pond is part of managed retention area (serving the neighborhood) located...
Igor Calderon
I have 12 Koi ranging from 1.5" all the way up to 15". I'm going to build another one...
Igor Calderon
Thanks a bunch to Pondbiz for making my project so much easier.
This pond was built in a week. My husband designed it. It's in the front of the house and everyone...
Inna Kushnir
This is my sixth pond. Everywhere I ever lived, pond was a must. This pond is only 6 month old,...
Our Koi outgrew the first one, we have had a lot of Good comments on it. You can stand at...
My husband and I did this all in one weekend.We are still working on getting the fish and plants.
Jacqueline Bateman
This was my first pond. We have replaced it with a 750 gal. The fish were outgrowing the smaller one.
James Casey
This is my first pond. It now flows into a second pond that is just a little bigger and deeper....
James Garvey Jr
james l. dalton,jr.
This was supposed to be 3' X 6', but the fellow that built the boat got carried away with it...
James S Casey
Our first attempt at a pond and we love it! Several Koi, a few goldfish and a drop in red...
Jane Venter
This is our pond enlarged after four years of a much smaller one. We really enjoy this at night.
Janice Young
We had a heron problem and created the top with pvc pipe and put nets on it. I can't...
Jason Dennis
We started out in 2005 with 90 gallon pre-formed pond. Immediately we wanted it larger. Now we have...
This project took 2 months.We did all the work ourselves on weekends. The top part is our "old pond"...we wanted...
Jeana' Brewer
I was inspired by my friend's pond,and had to have one. Our pond was establish on "April 17th 2005", so...
Jeannetta Santolla
This is our second pond, we moved it to our back yard so we could enjoy it more. The...
Jeff Jamison
Jeff Jamison
jeff stein
We have enjoyed our pond for over 2 years now.
Jeff Williams
Small pond at top fed by waterfall; outflow from that pond waterfalls into the larger pond below. Both waterfalls illuminated...
Jeffrey Martinez
I have had the Pond for 3 years and there is nothing better. The Fish are great!!!
Jen & James Moore
We started with the smaller upper pond and added the bigger one and the connecting waterfall the next year. Besides...
Jenn and Josh
This was out first attempt at a pond and we think it turned out great. It is about...
Jenn and Josh
This was out first attempt at a pond and we think it turned out great. It is about...
Jennifer Jones
I enjoy ponds so much,I started my own business building them! Gardening Wonders,pond intallations. What more could anyone want out...
Jennifer Moore
Last year we started with the small pond at the top. This year we added the bigger one and a...
First attempt of a waterfall, i've made some improvements with it since the picture has been taken overall im...
Jeremy Douglas
Still a work in progress, I want to make it alot biger
This is our first pond.
Jerry Ryen
Pond Biz products keep my water fall, filters, and Koi pond clean and free of algae buildups.
Jill Bequeath
Each summer our family thinks of more ways to make our pond better. We love to sit and watch...
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