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Kordon Pond Supplies

Offers water conditioner for your pond and fish. From Amquel which removes ammonia, chlorine, chloramines and pheromones from water to Rid-Ich
which offers the control of external parasites.

NovAqua is a unique and safe combination of chemical compounds that produce highly desirable effects in freshwater and marine... details
Kordon Novaqua
Price Varies
Removes ammonia, chlorine, chloramines and pheromones from water. Non-toxic to aquatic inhabitants or biological filters. An instant, easy-to-use, water detoxifier... details
Kordon Amquel
Price Varies
Best Seller
Amquel Plus removes toxic organics but does not alter pH. It quickly detoxifies chlorine and chloramines commonly found in... details
Kordon Amquel Plus
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16oz [$15.70]
Price Varies
A combination of two powerful medications which have been scientifically proven effective in the control of external parasites such... details
Kordon Rid-Ich
NovAqua+ water conditioner with added vitamins, echinacea and Anti-virus protection. Provides an organic virus inhibitor and removes chlorine and... details
Kordon NovaAqua Plus
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