Pond Vacuums

Pond vacuums are an essential part of cleaning out the gunk and debris that can accumulate at the bottom or all around your existing pond or water feature, and while there are many pond vacuums out there I’m here to talk about four of them that really stick out, the Mini Vac by Lifegard, the Muck Vac by Odyssey, the Matala Pond Vac 2 and the PondOVac 4 by Oase.

For small Ponds and fountains:

The Mini Vac is a great little pond vacuum that is really best used for small ponds. It uses no motor but gets plenty of power from your garden hose, the hose attaches to the back of the vacuum and uses the hoses pressure to create suction and since it doesn’t have a discharge hose you don’t have to worry about losing any water. Debris is sucked up and spit right into the silt sock so when it gets full you just remove and empty the sock and it’s ready to be reused. Its maneuverability is what we at PondBiz favor , with the available 6’ handle it makes this little vacuum very handy.

For small-medium ponds:

Next up is the Muck Vac, This vacuum is suitable for small to medium sized ponds and works off your garden hose, this vacuum has no silt sock or debris trap so instead of empting out a silt sock you can use the discharge hose to water a garden. We use the Muck Vac here at the shop in our plant containers and I find that it gets the job done quick and easy. Affordable and easy to use, a very good buy.

For small- large ponds:

The Matala Pond Vac 2 is a heavy duty muck busting machine, and especially comes in handy if you need to clean up a big mess fairy quickly. This unit also includes four different types of vacuum heads so you have the versatility to handle just about any pond cleaning. The vacuum is not a continuous vacuum and will stop as the unit is filled then it will automatically discharge the dirty water and then automatically start up again. Discharge water is terrific for garden beds or as an organic fertilizer.

For small-large ponds:

Last but not least, the PondOVac 4 by Oase. This marvelous pond cleaning work of art is really a lifesaver when you need to clean your pond and do so very quick and efficiently, when you need to clean up a big mess this vacuum will be your best friend. This powerful vacuum can even be used as a swimming pool vacuum or just as a household wetvac, with its 1800w motor it has the strength to effectively suck water and muck up from 6 feet below the surface. If your pond is dirty and filled with muck, the PondOVac 4 is what you need. Highly recommended by us at PondBiz.

Happy Ponding!
The Pondbiz Family

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