4/23/2016 Review

I just wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to order
from your store. So many times when people do business online they
miss the connection with the customer. Thank you for helping purchase
the right parts for my filter after I ordered the wrong ones. I would
recommend your company to everyone.

4/28/2016 Review

Thank you for the information, as we will return it tomorrow. You are a top notch business and we will continue to give you are business Again Thank You

5/03/2016 Review

Thanks for the speedy reply! I guess I assumed you were directly associated with Pond Master and had packed the kits and I couldn’t find a working website for them. I can’t seem to find my receipt but the box says my name so that is probably the organization I purchased through (likely found them on Amazon). I just sent them a message. I will purchase through you next time because I appreciate your speed and customer service!

5/05/2016 Review

Jeri: Last season my wife and I drove out to visit Pond Biz and we bought the two hardy lilies you had in stock that day. My goal was to have half the water surface of my pond covered with large lilies to cut down on evaporation for water conservation purposes. This is a photo of those lilies take a few days ago. Needless to say we are pleased. Thanks.

5/09/2016 Review

To Whom It May Concern,
Wouldn’t you know it… I sent that email and went home that night and there they were. I am very pleased with the items and your great customer service. I will remember you for my future purchases… I would love to hear about any coupon offers you may have as I have been seriously eyeing your great selection of lotuses.
Thank you very much

5/15/2016 Review

Thank you!

I’/m amazed you replied on a Sunday, evening.

5/23/2016 Review

Wow! What service. Thank you so much for the recent help
and order that I so quickly received today. Special thanks to the
sales associate who was so knowledgeable. She took the time to
question me and helped me avoid ordering the wrong part. I thank you
and my koi fish thank you. My pond is back in working order.

5/27/2016 Review


Thank you so much for your response and voicemail. Really appreciate it. I received the planting seeds yesterday and am very pleased with them.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.
Best Regards,

6/30/2016 Review

Hi Jeri, with your dedication to my problem, how could I not use your company for my next project?

Help with Manufacturer

Thank You Jeri,

The manufacturer did contact me and replace the adapter the next day!
Thanks for the intervention. I spoke with the owner directly and am very satisfied
with your service.

Thanks again,