Now that pond season is coming into full swing, proper water care will make all the difference in keeping your pond in tip top shape. Adequate filtration is always at the heart of a healthy pond. The better the filtration, the better the pond. You shouldn’t have to rely on an extensive amount of water […]


High levels of phosphate in pond water are the #1 contributing factor to an algae outbreak. Most of us treat an algae problem with algaecides– which is basically fine. The only snag, though, is that we are just treating the symptom and not the cause. To eliminate persistent algae outbreaks it’s essential we look at […]

The 411 on a Crystal Clear Pond: Curing and Preventing Algae

As we head into pond season keeping your pond clean is the #1 priority. No one wants to be battling water clarity issues when you should be kicking back and enjoying your pond. If you haven’t done your spring cleanout do it now SPRING INTO ACTION. I had a customer that had an ongoing algae […]

Fall Cleanout

Cleaning out your pond can seem daunting the first time around, but having all the right equipment will make the task surprisingly manageable. The first thing to consider is investing in some kind of vacuum. These three are top sellers, and vary from low tech to high tech. The Muck Vac Perfect for use in […]

Algae Control - The One Two Punch

Being Green isn’t always a good thing. This time of year, algae can wreak havoc in your pond or water feature. Let’s give it the one two punch and be done with it. At least for a little while. Read “Algae Bloom” by Ken Becker for a rundown on algae bloom. If you want to […]

Going Natural in Your Pond Part 1 - NATURAL ALGAE CONTROL

FOR NATURAL ALGAE CONTROL A. Barley products work great as an algae preventitive. The.The interesting story behind how barley was proven effective against algae was by accident; a load of barley got dropped into an algae infested waterway. Apparently, the compound in barley inhibits the growth of algae. Liquid Barley extract by Microbelift is the […]

Pondbiz.com E-Blast - April 2015 | The Big Clean Out

We wish you all a beautiful Spring! As always, Call us if you have any questions or concerns 818-348-2220. Spring Tips Many of you already know how to do a Spring Cleanout. But if you are new to ponding, or want to brush up on some points, we will go over everything that needs to […]

Understanding UV Clarifiers & Sterilizers for Your Pond

Understanding what UV systems do and how to use them properly can be a little confusing. So we’ll go through what they are how to use them and the differences between sterilizers and clarifiers. What is a UV Clarifier? UV clarifiers (Ultraviolet clarifiers) use ultraviolet light to clarify your pond water; the light emitted by […]

Filtering the Pond with a Beautifying Plant Filter

From Oregon Aquatics, Inc. Adapted from natural wetland areas such as the Florida Everglades, plant filters have two primary functions: filtration and beauty. Plant filters provide a perfect background for the pond, showcasing plants while allowing more pond surface area to remain open. They also provide a natural looking transition from land to pond, and […]

Q. Is there a natural alternative for treating algae in ponds?

A. Yes there is, the most common product that people use to get away from chemical algaecides is barley. When barley decomposes it releases many compounds one of these (which has not yet been identified) has been shown to be an effective way of preventing new algae cells from taking hold. Because barley does not […]