Building Your Waterfall

Waterfalls add visual interest and soothing sounds to your water feature and building one into your pond or water feature has many benefits, such as increased aeration. When the water falls through the air and collides with the pond its forcing oxygen downwards into the water. Having a pond with high oxygen content helps control any algae problem because algae has a hard time thriving in oxygen rich water. Unfortunately, building a waterfall can be the most difficult part to construct. The most common problem associated with waterfalls is that somewhere in the waterfall there is a leak and because of the way waterfalls are built the leak, or leaks can be very difficult to seal. If you are in the beginning steps of building your waterfall then you can minimize the chances of this happening by dry stacking the stones the way you want them, and then disassembling each individual stone and foaming beneath them. In most cases, this prevents any leakage and provides you with a gorgeous leak free waterfall.
Help with Building a Waterfall
Normally, people choose to construct their spillway out of a flat slab of rock, now while this may seem appealing to most people it’s kind of a double edged sword. The rock itself will look nice but there is also no guarantee that the water will fall off of it the way you want it to. Because of the tiny imperfections on the rocks surface when the water finally reaches the edge of the spillway it has a greater chance of flowing under the rock rather than over it. We here at pondbiz like to completely avoid this problem and use black plastic waterfall weirs. Waterfall weirs are specially designed to distribute water evenly over their edge which ensures that the water flowing through them is delivered over the spillway rather than under it. Because the weirs that we carry are made out of black plastic and come in various sizes they are very easy to hide. In most cases, if you didn’t already know there was one there you would never be able to tell.
Hopefully, these bits of information I have given you will positively influence your waterfall design and save you guys some headaches.
Thanks for reading and Happy Ponding!

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  1. This is the same kind of advice that we have given to our customers, when they come to buy pond pumps for their waterfalls.
    It’s hard to keep a waterfall flowing. Here’s to us continuing to give great advice

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